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英会話スクール・子供英語教室・語学教室・翻訳・通訳・海外留学・ホームステイ/おひさまハウス横浜校(横浜市青葉区)A Place for Learning & Global Friendship
TEL/FAX : 045-971-4103

英会話スクール・子供英語教室(学校)・語学教室・翻訳・通訳・海外留学・ホームステイならおひさまハウス横浜校(横浜市青葉区) 英語教室(英会話・子供英会話・親子英会話・留学準備・英語翻訳/通訳・TOEIC/TOEFL) その他の語学教室(ペルシャ語・スペイン語・ドイツ語・中国語・韓国語・日本語) 海外留学・ホームステイ&体験型旅行・ワーキングホリデーのユニバーサル・ランゲージ・ジャパン事務局(ULJ留学センター) 翻訳・通訳サービス(英語・中国語・ペルシャ語・韓国語・スペイン語・ベンガル語など) おひさまハウス イベントレポート
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がいこくじんのかたへ Admission Fee \3.000 OFF  Coupon

A Place for Language Learning & Global Friendship

Hello! Nice to meet you.
Ohisama means the Sun in Japanese.
Like the view from the Sun, we consider the Earth as a single, beautiful planet.
Why don't we forget about any borders and exchange languages and culture each other?
You can find the efficient way here at Ohisama House.
Come and join us!
OHISAMA HOUSE for International Residents
[Japanese School]
Our qualified teacher will satisfy your needs for Japanese Language.
From basic level to advanced level, from conversation to reading/writing skills, you will enjoy studying with us.
Basic Level: Practical Japanese for your life in Japan. If you have been discouraged by learning with ordinary textbooks, please try us out! Plus, you will make Japanese friends here, which is the quickest way for your improvement.
Intermediate Level: To improve your Japanese, please try our well-balanced training including reading and writing as well as review the basic conversation. Business Japanese is also available.
---Lessons Fees---
Admission Fee \10,000-
Class members will get a discount for Ohisama events, imported goods, and Internet uses.
<90 minute group lesson (more than 2 persons in a class)>
Coupon \20,000- for 10 lessons (valid for 3 months)
Monthly Tuition \7,500- for 1 lesson per week
\14,000- for 2 lessons per week
<private lesson>
Coupon \4,000 for a 2-hour lesson
(\48,000 for 12 lessons in 3 months/ Installment available up to 4 payments)
[Internet Space]
Free tea & chat in your target/native language
Staff members speak at least Japanese & English,
Some speak Chinese or Persian too!
Japanese, English, Chinese and Persian input/output available
Printout (B/W) and CD-RW available
---Internet Fees---
\200/30min*, then \100/15min*
Coupon \3,000- use-as-much-as-you-want for 1 month
\3,600-  \4,000 worth ticket / valid for 3 months
*Class members will get a discount.
[Imported Goods Shop]
Souvenirs directly (partially indirectly) imported from Iran, China, and North America.
--- Iran
Ghalamkar (Sarasa)
Gaz (nougat with pistachio, tamarisk syrup and rose-water)
Golab (pure rose-water)
Noghl (Iranian candy flavored with rose-water, tangerine and sour cherry)
Pesteh (best pistachio in the world)
Anjir (Dried fig)
Keshmesh (smoked raisin)
Pickles etc.
--- China
Cloisonn* (earrings, bracelets, key-chains)
Sachet (scent of natural flowers)
Green raisin etc.
--- Other Asian coutries
Fruit drink (mango, pineapple, coconut, passion fruit, lychee)
Dates with walnuts, almond
--- North America (Utah, U.S.A)
Native American medicine wheels (Navajo)
Native American dream catchers (Navajo)
Native American sand paintings (Navajo)
Books (Chicken Soup series, American Girls series, Dr. Seuss series etc.)

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